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MINREX: Fostering Diplomatic Cooperation

Eulalia AMABO | 20-02-2018 10:15

United States Congressman, Ambassadors of Congo and South Korea in separate audiences with Minister Lejeune Mbella Mbella discussed the enhancement of collaboration.

The Minister of External Relations, Lejeune Mbella Mbella on February 19, 2018 had three distinct audiences within the framework of nurturing bilateral relations with different countries. There were the United States Congressman, Hon. Steve Russsell, the designated Ambassador of the Republic of Congo, Ollessongo Valentin and the designated Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Cameroon, Rhyou Bok-Ryeol.

Congressman Steve had indepth discussions with Minister Mbella Mbella on the state of cooperation ties between his country and Cameroon whereas the diplomats from the Republic of Congo and South Korea presented the advanced copies of their letters of credence.

Speaking after the audience, Hon Russell said several issues spanning from economics to security were examined during their talks. “We had some warm discussions on our cooperation issues with regards to humanitarian aid, health issues, security, economic issues and so many things that characterise ties between the United States and the Republic of Cameroon,” he stated.

Both diplomats after presenting the advanced copies of their letters of credence affirmed their willingness to promote cooperation ties between Cameroon and their respective countries.

Minister Mbella Mbella was accompanied in the different audiences by the Minister Delegate at the Minister in charge of Cooperation with the Commonwealth, Joseph Dion Ngute, the Minister Delegate in charge of Cooperation with the Islamic World, Adoum Gargoum the Secretary General, Felix Mbayu and other Directors.

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