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While Waiting For Next Mission

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Elizabeth MOSIMA | 21-02-2018 12:38

The Context

Ahead of the second visit to Cameroon preparations are going on to ensure readiness in the different construction sites.

The second evaluation meeting of the CAF Inspection team is around the corner. How far Cameroon has gone with the implementation of the recommendations of the first mission is surely the worry of many. Authorities of the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education are not indifferent.

This explains why the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mkpatt decided to invite heads of various infrastructure projects to a meeting yesterday; February, 20, 2018 to assess the milestone covered. In effect, the CAF mission that visited Cameroon from January 12 to 21, 2018, prescribed a number of things for Cameroon to fulfill in order to ensure the successful organization of the 2019 AFCON.

During the CAF inspection visit, focus was mainly on sports infrastructure, notably, stadiums, hotels and air transport. This was followed by a meeting of the organizing committee (CAF/COCAN) in Morocco on January 31, 2018.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, officials of the Normalization Committee of FECAFOOT and former football icon, Bell Joseph Antione. The officials of CAF stressed on the need for strict respect of the different recommendations made by the institution.

In a letter dated 15 February 20, 2018, the Africa Football ruling body reminded Cameroon of the exigencies of the institution in relation to the 2019 AFCON construction sites. While waiting for the next CAF inspection mission to Cameroon, the Minister has prescribed the respect of the calendar of activities, work acceleration and a synergy of action and competence to ensure success in the next CAF mission to Cameroon.

This will only be possible with frank collaboration between the different heads of enterprises and governors of the regions who are the presidents of the different site committees.

The organisation of the AFCON 2019 is a national cause for which the Head of State has reiterated his commitment to ensure success.

In this light, Minister Bidoung Mkaptt called on the national and international enterprises that have taken the commitment to support Cameroon in the organisation of the 2019 AFCON to consolidate their commitments as any negligence will be dangerous.

He called on the enterprises to work tirelessly in order to be ready before the next CAF mission.

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