Senatorial Election: Nine Political Parties Gun For Seats

Eulalia AMABO | 26-02-2018 12:11

They all beat the February 22, 2018 deadline and submitted lists of their candidates who will be running for the Sunday March 25 polls.

After the February 22, 2018 deadline for the deposit of files by political parties interested in running the race for the Senatorial election, a total of nine parties submitted their lists to Elections Cameroon (ELECAM). The files were deposited either at the ELECAM head office in Yaounde or at divisional branch offices as required in Section 164(2) of the Electoral Code.

The nine political parties include; the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP), Social Democratic Front (SDF), Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU), Union of the Socialist Movement (UMS), National Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ANDP), National Salvation Front of Cameroon (NSFC), Union for Democracy and Progress (UDP), and Union of the People’s of Cameroon (UPC). Information from ELECAM indicates that the CPDM and NUDP will compete in all ten regions for Senatorial positions during the second legislative period of the Senate.

The SDF will contest in six regions which are the Adamawa, Centre, East, West, North West and South West regions. UPC submitted nomination papers for five regions; Adamawa, Centre, Littoral, North and South West regions. The ANDP selected four regions to run the Senatorial race come March 25, 2018 which include, Littoral, Far North, South and South West.

UDC decided to battle in two regions; Littoral and West. The UDP submitted a list for the North West region alone and UMS will vie only in the West region. NSFC on her part submitted a single list for the North region.

Every effort to submit files before the deadline was in accordance with Section 164 (1) of the Electoral Code which clearly states “Candidates shall within 15 (fifteen) days from the convening of the electorate, be made out in nomination paper in triplicate, bearing the legalized signatures of candidates.” Of the nine political parties, the CPDM, UPC, UDC and NUDP tendered their files at the ELECAM head office in Yaounde while the others submitted at the divisional levels of ELECAM. With the hitch-free measures adopted by ELECAM, every list submitted before the deadline was forwarded to the Electoral Board for examination.

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