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"I Have Confidence In The Candidates Chosen"

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LIENGU Etaka Esong | 26-02-2018 14:15


Ni John Fru Ndi, Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF).

How is the SDF faring after 28 years of existence?

If I have to make a statement, I will write a whole book. 28 years is not 28 days. It has been 28 years of hard work on very rough terrain and on a dictatorial regime. It has been like pulling my lower lip to cover my face. It has been an uphill task and I wish to thank all SDF militants and Cameroonians of goodwill who have given their support to make us to be where we are today.

Why did you not go in as the 2018 presidential candidate for your party?

My decision to step down was a personal one. After discussing with my family, especially my children, I decided not to go in as a presidential candidate. I told them that I am getting tired and will not be very effective on the field. I used to leave Bamenda at 5 pm by 7 am I am in Ngaoundere, by 11 am I am in Garoua, by 3 pm am in Maroua by 5 pm in Kousseri and by 11 pm I am in Yagoua where I start campaigning coming down. I don't have that stamina to do that again. I have a very strong believe that politics is field work and if you meet the people and talk with them what your party stands for, they will buy your idea.

But you have chosen to remain the chairman of the party?

I am keeping the chairman to monitor what the younger people we are sending in the front will be doing so that I can guide them. For the past 28 years I have also been sending them on the field to organise, meet people and see how they can get the party on a good footing. With all these, experience is that they master the field. I sent them to parliament. If you noticed the SDF is the only political party that the chairman never fought to go to council, parliament, a group leader or Senate to stock money in their pockets.

What contribution would you make to push your presidential candidate through?

I will be out on the field campaigning with him. I will accompany him to places I can reach. I will lift up his hand that he is on the platform of the party. He is not going on a personal note for himself but the flagbearer of the party. When I went as a presidential candidate for the party, I told the people that I was sent by the party. I do hope that the people we are sending out are the best. I have absolute trust and confidence in them that they are going to follow in the same footsteps. They are going to propagate the ideals of the party and convince more people so that we win and effect the change we have been advocating for in the country.

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