Lists Of Electoral College Published

Eulalia AMABO | 27-02-2018 08:37

In conformity with the Electoral Code, the final list of Municipal Councillors who will elect 70 Senators on March 25, 2018 has been published by Elections Cameroon.

As the effervescence of the Senatorial election gears up nationwide, Elections Cameroon has published updated lists of Municipal Councillors who make up the Electoral College. Made public on February 23, 2018 in accordance with Section 224(3) of the Electoral Code, the lists are published in the different ELECAM branch offices across the country for viewing by those concerned. “The updated list of senatorial electors shall be published at least 30 (thirty) days before voting.

It may be copied or notified to any person on request,” highlights paragraph 3 of the section. Before the publication of the final list, a provisional list was published two weeks ago to enable modifications where necessary.

In the Centre Region, a total of 1,875 councillors will on Sunday March 25, 2018 cast their votes in 34 polling stations to elect Senators from the nine political parties who have deposited their files at ELECAM. This is a drop compared to 1,975 councillors who voted in April 2013.

The decrease in number follows reasons such as death, loss of membership and resignation from their political parties. Officials at the Centre Regional Delegation of ELECAM say they worked together with Mayors, administrative and judicial authorities to update and publish the list. Production of registration cards is said to be in process at the National Biometric Centre of Elections Cameroon.

The cards to be used only during the senatorial elections shall be distributed by the divisional branches of ELECAM 20 days preceding the elections as stated in Section 226(1) of the Electoral Code. Given the obligatory voting clause for councillors, it is expected that the entire electorate will show up on voting day, or at least issue a proxy to another member in case of unavoidable absence as provided for in Section 227(3).

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