“We Have Instruments To Check Irregularities In Game Houses”

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LIENGU Etaka Esong | 27-02-2018 08:50


Sone Clement, Divisional officer for Bamenda III.

Could you size up the level of game house activities in Bamenda III sub division?

During my short stay at the helm of the Bamenda III administrative area, I am yet to size up the regularity of the activity, but I remember that during my contact tour some quarter heads raised concerns about the activity which tends to distract youths.

But there is talk about a recent raid during which machines or equipments promoting such games were seized ?

It will not be without my knowledge. I do not remember any such security raids in recent times. There are quite some game houses in the Sub Division. The activity is regulated by the Minister of Territorial Administration that issues special authorizations and we are about to cross check the frequency or regularity of game houses in the sub division.

Does the local administration have the strength to counter irregularities in the sector ?

Once security concerns are raised, we first check the ages of youths involved. We also check to know if the purpose for which the special authorization was delivered is respected. And; its only in the case of irregularities that we act to counter illegality.

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