Mosques, Qur’anic Schools, Prayer Grounds: Earmarked Facelift Begins

Christopher JATOR | 01-03-2018 09:58

Sons and daughters of Noun met in Douala recently.

The Bamoun community in Douala, elite of Noun and Muslims have resolved to improve upon sanitation and architecture of mosques and Qur’anic schools in the Wouri Division. The resolution was made during a general assembly of the Conseil Supérieur Islamique du Noun et de sa Diaspora (COSIND), at the hotel Vallée des princes in Douala recently.

The assembly was preceded by a site tour by executives of over 40 mosques, Muslim prayer grounds and Qur’anic schools including courtesy visits to Imams and other Muslim dignitaries in the city.

They resolved to serve Allah and contribute to efforts towards the implantation and consolidation process of COSIND in Wouri, in view of improving upon Islamic infrastructures and the living and working conditions of those working in mosques and Muslim prayer grounds.

Created by Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, who doubles as President and represented at the assembly by Nji Mfonbam Salifou, the association set up a plan of action for the five years to come beginning this January. In the presence of the Wouri Prefect’s representative, the Sultan’s gift of Qur’an was distributed to representatives of mosques.


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