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Bona’anja Siga Bonjo: Guillaume Mouelle Kombi Enthroned Chief

Fred VUBEM TOH | 01-03-2018 09:59

This was during a solemn ceremony presided by the SDO for Nkam on Saturday.

Guillaume Mouelle Kombi has officially been enthroned as the chief of Bona’anja Siga Bonjo village in the Nkam Division, Yabassi subdivision. Given the fact that he had been traditional crowned traditional ruler, the installation by the SDO marked his official recognition as third class chief of the village.

Speaking during the coronation ceremony, the D.O. for Yabassi sub division said Guillaume Mouelle Kombi was unanimously elected chief because of his cold temperament and integrity and called on him to work for peace and assemble his people.

He said the recognition of the Siga Bonjo chiefdom followed due process and falls within the framework of taking the administration nearer to the people since chiefs are considered as auxiliaries of the administration. He therefore called on Guillaume Mouelle Kombi to help transmit and implement administrative decisions and work to promote economic development and preserve the cultural heritage of the people.

He disclosed that the locality was now linked by road to the rest of the country and government just constructed a health centre and solar electricity plant to boost development in the area. Shortly after the coronation, Chief Mouelle Kombi was taken by his peers to traditional hut built with thatches on the bank of the Wouri River, before re-emerging in public.

He was decorated alongside two other traditional leaders from the area with the medal of Grand National Order of Valour.

The other decorated chiefs were Benga Paul Daniel Gustave, paramount chief of Yabassi, Ngodi Moulongo Albert, chief of Bwene Oli and president f the association of traditional rulers of Wouri Bwele. Chief Guillaume Mouelle Kobi was flooded with presents not only from his subjects but also peers who Cameroon from all over the country.

The gifts comprised carved thrones, broomsticks as symbol of authority and other tradition artefacts like caps, dresses and other items that go with the royalty.

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