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“Our List Had The Endorsement Of Councillors”

Eulalia AMABO | 01-03-2018 04:54

Lawan Bako, President of the Union for Democracy and Progress, UDP.

How is the UDP preparing ahead of the Senatorial election?

We are preparing very well especially after the submission of our file at Elections Cameroon (ELECAM). At the level of ELECAM branch office in Bamenda, we were told everything was ok with our documents. The party will continue with activities such as grassroots consultations and the family support programme. We have over the years created a credible image which has given some degree of confidence to the population. With our party motto centred on national unity, peace and development, we will continue working at promoting such principles. During the April 2013 senatorial election, we were able to convince 14 councillors from the Boyo Division to elect in favour of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement. This time, we have decided to compose our own list and compete in the election because the elected pioneer Senators failed the population in several ways. The UDP does not contest in the presidential election; we are of the presidential majority and campaign for the CPDM.

What are you counting on when facts on the ground show that your party does not have a majority of the Electoral College?

Each of the candidates on the list, both substantive and alternate had the endorsement of five councillors. This alone is an indication that the UDP has supporters and followers. In addition, when campaigns will be opened as per the regulations on the Electoral Code, we will embark on personal and intensive campaigns to convince the electorate. We are convinced that with the positive impact on the population by our party actions, most councillors will see reasons to vote for the UDP. I am therefore counting on the pact activities of the party.

 Why the decision of the party to run only in the North West Region?

Initially, we planned on contesting in the North West and South West regions of the country. You need to know that composing a list of candidates interested for the race and depositing at ELECAM involves a lot of money.  In the North West region, every candidate on the list was able to afford FCFA one million for the investment of their candidature. Unfortunately, at the South West region, only three of the four candidates were able to comfortably afford the amount. The list was bound to collapse given the financial constraints.


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