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Diplomacy: Two Diplomats Received At MINREX

Eulalia AMABO | 05-03-2018 13:37

The Ambassadors of Japan and Tunisia were received in audience on February 28, 2018 by the Minister Delegate in charge of Cooperation with the Islamic World, Adoum Gargoum.

The Minister Delegate of the Ministry of External Relations in charge of Cooperation with the Islamic World, Adoum Gargoum, on February 28, 2018 received two diplomats who talked of the socio-economic relations between Cameroon and their countries.

There were the Japanese Ambassador to Cameroon, Kunio Okamura and the Tunisian Ambassador, Jalel Snoussi.

According to the Japanese chief of diplomatic mission, he came principally to notify and seek the collaboration of the Ministry of External Relation as he intends to visit some localities in the Far North Region of the country. 

He said within the humanitarian support programme of the Embassy in Yaounde, he intends to accompany the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, to Kousseri for some development projects in the locality.

For the Tunisian Ambassador, the visit of his delegation centred on two principal points; the anticipated visit of the Tunisian Head of Government to Cameroon and the organisation of a Cameroon-Tunisia economic forum in the near future.

Against this backdrop, they examined diplomatic relations between both countries and mapped out ways in which the private sector can be supported and encouraged for development. In 2015, following increased trade relations between both countries, direct flights were established with Tunisair landing in Yaounde and Douala.

Over the years, bilateral relations have witnessed improved impetus with a Cameroon-Tunisia Joint Commission and Business Forum organised in Yaounde in 2012 that sought to intensify investment and other cooperation agreemnts.

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