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South West: Buea Women Vow To Send Their Children To School

Kunyui NGONMENYUI | 09-03-2018 06:07

 Governor Okalia Bilai administered the oath to the mothers as he presides over activities marking the 33 International Women’s Day celebration at Bongo Square.

The recent appointment of Nalova Lyonga, Ph.D, as the Minister of Secondary Education was on March 8, 2018 at Bongo Square in Buea used as a platform to encourage the girl child in particular and children as a whole to get educated.

South West Chief Executive Officer, Bernard Okalia Bilai, explained that the Minister could only get to such a position because of the education she had acquired. To see that such candle continue burning, she tasked the over 10 000 women that turnout to celebrate the Women’s in Buea to vow on oath that they will assure their children education.

“I solemnly declare to send my children to school despite the challenges. I swear to denounce all parents who are preventing children from going to school,” the women repeated after the Governor with their right hands up. Thunderous applauses and ululation followed when the declarations ended.

South West Regional Delegate for Women Empowerment and the Family, Moffah Juditha Lyengu Luma frowned at some discriminatory practices against women.

She cited gender based violence, force and early marriage, female genital mutilation, widowhood rites, sexual harassment, rape, incest among others that are still plaguing the womanhood.

“Gone are the days when women and the girls were considered only suitable for child bearing, home keeping and had a place in the kitchen. Women are now taking male dominated professions,” she pointed out. She called on men to join the heforshe campaign to completely eradicate discriminatory practices against women.

The event that started with a brief church service at Bongo Square Buea had Rev Mrs Tembi of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon rendered prayers calling for all to be agents of peace in Cameroon.

The First Deputy Mayor at the Buea Council, Emmanuel Motomby Mbome said that God knew women are better managers, reasons why he created more of them. 

Match pass by women of Regional Delegations, Companies, social groups, tribal groups, professional associations, WCPDM among others ushered the transition for festivity.

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