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Consumer Day Celebrated in Douala

Fred VUBEM TOH | 19-03-2018 19:03

The Cameroon National Chamber of Consumers organized commemorative activities on March 15.

In order to mark the World Consumers Day celebrated every March 15, the Cameroon National Chamber of Consumers on Thursday March 15 organised a workshop on the theme “Rendering the numeric market more equitable” at the Vallée des princes hotel in Douala.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the workshop, the chief of service for economic, social and cultural affairs, Nyindie Samuel Celestin, representing the Governor of the Littoral expressed the encouragement and congratulations of the government to the chamber of consumers for the effort they have been making in protecting consumers interest in Cameroon.

He said in an effort to protect consumer’s interest in Cameroon, the government enacted the necessary judicial and legal instruments and facilitated the creation of consumer associations. Nyindie Samuel announced that a programme for quality control of foodstuffs was underway saying the advent of e-commerce has changed the traditional model of commercial exchanges prompting government to create numeric police.

The president of the Cameroon National chamber of Consumers, Calvin Jean Nya complained about the lack of adequate policy on business in the wake of the numeric technology which makes Cameroon not to be well placed on the Doing business indices.

He also complained about frequent power cuts and harassment from the electricity company and the unavailability of the 4G technology announced by some mobile telephone companies as well as the fact that companies in Cameroon were not yet benefitting from the APE accord signed with the EU. He appealed for union among the various consumers associations in order to make their voices heard.

Commemorative activities which started with a trade fair and open door day for some enterprises, comprised a sports march at the Parcours Vita in Douala as well as the workshop. Issues examined during the workshop included the provisions of the law governing commercial activities in Cameroon, the competiveness and efficiency of SMEs within the scope of the APE; mobile telephones and the problem of identifying customers and the effectiveness of reinforcing foodstuffs in Cameroon. At the end of the day some awards were given to some partner companies who have been working with the National chamber of consumers.

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