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Peace Process: Minister Urges Secessionists To Surrender

AMINDEH Blaise ATABONG | 19-03-2018 06:48

 Paul Atanga Nji of Territorial Administration has urged the youth to voluntarily lay down their arms and come out of the bushes and the State would not arrest them.

Armed separatists in the North West Region, especially in Batibo, have been called upon to come out of the bushes where they are hiding and lay down their arms. Should they do so voluntarily, Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration said the State won’t arrest arrest them, talk less of prosecuting.
Minister Paul Atanga Nji made the call while on a working visit to the North West Region, Friday March 15.

It was his first official visit following the March 2, 2018 cabinet reshuffle. Minister Atanga, who was accompanied to Batibo by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit Office, Mbah Acha Rose Fomundam, took the message of peace to the people. While telling Batibo denizens that peace is necessary for sustainable development, he insisted on the need to jealousy preserve national unity.

According to the Minister, the youths who are hiding in the bushes, from where they carry out sporadic attacks targeting civilian and military persons, are not doing themselves any good. Drawing inspiration from the Holy Bible, Atanga Nji called on the youths to respect God’s commandments and desist from killing, kidnapping, burning as well as looting State and personal properties. “We have to build the country together,” Atanga implored the youths, before urging traditional rulers of Batibo Sub-division to put in efforts to get the youth integrated into the community.

It should be noted that in the night of March 15, security sources told Cameroon Tribune that seven secessionists came out from their hiding and laid down their arms in Batibo. The seven (names withheld for security reasons) have since returned to normal life.

The outing in Batibo was equally an occasion for Minister Atanga to gift safety equipment to some commercial motorbike riders. He called on them to regularize their activity in accordance with the law and to desist from criminal acts. Just like he did to Fons, Atanga handed peace plants to the bike riders to go back to the communities and be vectors of peace.

Minister Atanga also used his visit to the North West region to convey the Head of State’s congratulations to administrative and security officials for thus far handling with tact the situation in the region. He held a strategic meeting with Senior Divisional officers of the region during which the Territorial Administration boss dished out special instructions. He also had an in camera meeting with top security officials of the region.

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