Refresher Course for Staff Representatives

Fred VUBEM TOH | 13-06-2018 16:20

 This is within the framework of a workshop organized by the trade union of commerce workers on June 6th in Douala.

In order to edify newly elected staff representatives on their role as defenders of worker’s rights, the Wouri trade union of commerce and services workers, SYNATCOS, on Wednesday June 6th organized a capacity building workshop for some 250 staff representatives.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, the national president of SYNATCOS, Abraham Baboulé said the workshop falls within the missions of the trade union which are to educate and train workers on their rights as well as inculcate the notion of trade unionism in them.

He said the training will focus on who is a staff representative, the origin and evolution of the notion of staff representatives, the characteristics of a good staff representative, legal protection for staff representatives and the techniques of presenting problems to hierarchy.

Abraham Baboulé however frowned at the non-respect of the terms of the collective convention for the commerce and services which gives staff representatives the right of 15 hours of absence devoted to activities of defending workers’ rights as some companies refused to grant permission to their staff representatives to attend the workshop.

He said after six months there will be another workshop, this time to assess the implementation of the notions taught during this present workshop. He appealed to the public and workers in general to get enrolled into trade unions so as to benefit from protection whenever they have problems with their employers.


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