Decree N°2018/406 Of 11 July 2018 To Extend The Term Of Office Of Municipal Councillors

Paul BIYA | 12-07-2018 07:25

The President Of The Republic,

Mindful of the Constitution;
Mindful of Law N°2012/1 of 19 April 2012 relating to Electoral Code, as amended and supplemented by Law N°2012/17 of 21 December 2012;
Following consultation with the Government and the Senate Bureau,
Considering the letter of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, dated 18 June 2018;
Considering the letter of the President of the Senate dated 20 June 2018,
Hereby decrees as follows:
Article 1.- The term of office of municipal councilors, elected at the poll of 30 September 2013, and whose as-of-right session was held on Tuesday, 15 October 2013, is extended for a period of 12 (twelve) months, with effect from 15 October 2018.
Article 2.- This decree shall be registered, published according to the procedure of urgency and inserted in the Official Gazette in French and English.

Yaounde, 11th July 2018
President Of The Republic

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