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Farm-To-Market Roads: New Contracting Method Introduced

MBOM Sixtus | 10-08-2018 10:34

 Introduced by the World Bank and PIDMA, it will be used in construction projects for 190km of roads in five regions.

Opening up agricultural basins to ease access to markets is part of the missions of the Agricultural Investment and Market Development Project (PIDMA), created to boost the cassava, maize and sorghum sectors.

As part of efforts to achieve this goal, the institution, placed under the umbrella of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER) has adopted the World Bank’s market-driven approach in contracting companies for construction of rural roads nationwide.

The new method dubbed “Contrats d’entretien et de réhabilitation par objectifs qualifiés (CEROQ)” requires the Minister of Agriculture to define transportation needs (type of road and budget) of every agro zone and submit to engineers who would determine the techniques and quality of material for construction.
Given that PIDMA has earmarked the rehabilitation of about 190km roads in the Center, Littoral, North West, South and West regions, the institution opted to use the new method on grounds that it is less costly both in time and financial terms.

In this regard, the institution organized a workshop in Mbalmayo from August 6 to 8, 2018 to school stakeholders on the new method in a bid to facilitate its implementation. The Secretary General of MINADER, Patrice Nna Mvondo who opened the workshop on behalf of Minister Henri Eyebe Ayissi said the technique is being introduced at the right time as government is aiming at rationalizing financial resources.

Peter Taniform, Senior Transport Specialist at the World Bank stated that the CEROQ differs from project to project. “If the Minister of Agriculture says transportation of goods from Nguelemedouka to Yaounde requires motor bikes, the engineers would design roads for motor bikes,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Thomas Ngue Bissa, National Cordinator of PIDMA holds that this method would concretize the kickoff of second generation agriculture and would prevent agro products from perishing in farms because of lack of roads.

The rural roads to be rehabilitated by PIDMA include 136 km of earth roads and 87km of tarred road.

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