CPDM: Fako I “A” Counts New Deal Blessings

Nkeze MBONWOH | 08-11-2016 07:51

A minute silence for the Eseka train mishap followed a one- kilometer walk to express the anniversary joy of Limbe people.


Speaking at the Down-Beach esplanade, Fako I”A” Section President, Andrew Mojimba Motanga wished President Paul Biya many more years at the helm of Cameroon. After presenting newly elected officers of the three wings of the CPDM party from the 17 Sub-Sections of Fako I”A”, Motanga enumerated the motives for which Limbe people must rejoice about President Paul Biya. To begin with, Motanaga echoed that President Paul Biya extending this month’s female AFCON to Limbe is an indelible mark to open the town of friendship to the rest of the world.

The four modern stadia constructed and renovated in Limbe augur for future youth exuberance in sports. The improved streets, the Vocational and Handicraft centres, upgraded road infrastructure, electrical and water facilities, the Fisheries School, SONARA extension, Shipyard; numerous schools are just some of the points cited by Motanga as achievements for Limbe during President Paul Biya’s tenure.          

In an earlier statement by the Member of Parliament from the Fako East constituency, Honourable Gladys Etombi, she called on the Limbe people “to shun the temptations of divisiveness by the so-called SCNC”. She echoed the promise of Limbe people to give President Paul Biya a landmark victory in the upcoming election. The anniversary event was attended by several dignitaries including Fako’s Senior Divisional Officer, Zang III, SONARA’s General Manager, Ibrahim Talba Malla, amongt others.


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