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Promotion of Tourism: More Roads To Facilate Access To Sites

Séraphin Magloire FOUDA | 02-02-2017 13:47

Hereunder is a press release issued at the end of the 15th ordinary session of the National Tourism Board chaired by the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang on January 31, 2017.

The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Mr Philemon YANG, on Tuesday 31January 2017 chaired the 15th ordinary session of the National Tourism Board in his Office on the theme: Developing transport in the perspective of the emergence of Cameroon tourism.
Three items featured on the agenda, namely:
- The report on the implementation of the recommendations and resolutions of the 14thsession ;
- The statement of the Minister for Transport on: For an integrated vision of transport and tourism;
- The statement of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Works on« Development of transport infrastructure: necessary convergence of actions for Cameroon’s emergence. 
Taking the floor after the introductory remarks of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, the Permanent Secretary of the Board presented the level of implementation of recommendations adopted during the fourteenth session. He revealed that on 16 May 2016, the Minister of State for Tourism and Leisure signed a circular letter reiterating the safety measures that are applicable in tourism and leisure establishments across the country. Further, the development of regional and national tourist sites is ongoing and several leisure infrastructure are nearing completion. These include the Ebolowa amusement park, the Lagdo and Maga nautical stations and the Buea holiday village. The Ministry of External Relations also established a digital platform allow tourists real time access to useful information. Specifically, the quality of service offered by tourism sector operators has improved markedly, thanks to the organization of the recent Women’s African Cup of Nations.
Next, the Board listened to the statement of the Minister for Transport on the integrated vision of the underlying issues of transport and tourism. After demonstrating that quality transport services can contribute to the development of a tourist industry, he presented ongoing project sand initiatives undertaken to revive railway, road, maritime and air transport. He pointed out that the improvement of transport service quality in order to improve the mobility of people and goods has always been high on Government’s agenda. The operationalization of a mass urban transport system in Yaounde in the weeks ahead is in line with that vision.
Proceedings continued with the statement of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Works who revealed that the roads to be developed to facilitate access to priority tourist sites have already been identified. In the same vein, construction and maintenance works on roads and bridges were intensified during 2016. For fiscal year 2017, CFAF 16 billion has been earmarked for the programme to open up agricultural, pastoral and touristic production basins. The selected sites include the Ebogo site in Nyong and So’o Division, the Oudjila camp in Mayo-Sava Division, Lake Petonoun in Noun Division, Lake Awing in Mezam Division, the Man O’war Bay-Bimbia site in Fako Division and the Dikolo site in Ndian Division.
During the ensuing debates, the Members of the Board applauded the significant actions undertaken by Government to rehabilitate the Douala Airport. They expressed the need to clarify the rate and method of collection and payment of the newly instituted accommodation tax.
Proceedings were adjourned at 12:00 noon, after the adoption of resolutions and recommendations aimed at reviving tourism in Cameroon.»
Yaounde, January 31, 2017.
 (s) FOUDA Séraphin Magloire,
Prime Minister’s Office

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