Yaounde: Nightclub Inferno Leaves At Least 18 Dead

The fire reportedly broke at about 2 am on this Sunday, January 23, 2022, in the Livs Nightclub in the posh neighbourhood of Bastos.

At least 18 deaths have so far been confirmed after an inferno broke out in a nightclub in Yaounde early in the morning of January 23, 2022. While investigations are underway to determine the cause of the deadly fire in Livs Nightclub, (former Yaouba Bar), some sources say the spark that resulted in the fire was caused by the cork of a champagne bottle after it was popped.
The cork reportedly hit a cable on the ceiling, causing a spark which probably resulted in a short circuit, the sources suggest. This was quickly followed by flames engulfing the dancehall as merrymakers tried to scamper to safety.
In the process, 18 people died. The bodies have been kept in the Yaounde Military Hospital Morgue at Ekounou. While at least 7 survivors


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