Living Together: A Reality In Muyuka

ASONG Sylvester (CAMNEWS) | 11-05-2017 14:07

People from varied tribal origins live in this farming Eldorado and enjoy nature.

The name Muyuka may sound unfamiliar in many ears, particularly people living out of the South West Region. But the locality which is as old as the nation itself deserves a bigger image because it is an attractive agglomeration. Muyuka in Fako Division of the South West, is endowed with rich and extensive farmers land where most farmers from other Regions come to cultivate crops such as yams, cassava other economic crops. The area also harbours a large number of farmers who cultivate cocoa, rubber and plantains. Muyuka is one of the Sub-Divisions with the highest production of cocoa in Cameroon. It is the ancestral origin of the Balong and Bakweri people whose hospitality has attracted others from different parts of Cameroon, including various groups from North West, West and Nigeria who co-exist in serenity. That is why such mixed marriages among Francophones and Anglophones are often celebrated. Couples from varied origins live here happily and peacefully. After all, they have all what it takes as feeding and economic survival. Farming is a major economic choice of the inhabitants. Muyuka Sub- Division is a destination with its harsh climate, with little rainfall. Its dry season goes as long as nine months, while the rainy season is only three months. It is a good place for one to stay since the living conditions of the people there is relatively cheap, especially for food and housing. When you get to Muyuka you find very few taxis with commercial motor bikes transporting people all over the town. During the day in Muyuka and because of its hot climate you find women tying only loin cloths and the men moving bear bodied. In the evening most people spend their nights at their verandas sleeping on bear floor with small pieces of carton papers to fan themselves. Muyuka is considered the hottest town in the South West Region in terms of climate. Women in this town cultivate mostly cassava and produce a lot of garri. A basin of garri in Muyuka market would cost about FCFA 15,000. It is even transported to neighbouring towns like Douala and Yaounde. People from different parts of the country are involved in garri production. Much of it too is exported to neighbouring countries like Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria and Gabon. This factor also attracts settlers who are fending for a livelihood.

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