Ihimbru Vincent Bache:“Education Is Vital For Civilization, Development”

The North West President of the National Youth Council shares his views on the eve of the 2017/2018 schools resumption. Excerpts

What is in the mind of the President of the Youth Council for the North West on the eve of the 2017/2018 academic year .
The times are crucial especial  on the eve of the 2017/2018 academic year and all messages this time around should be encouraging the resumption of schools especially in the North West and South West regions. In the face of the Anglophone crisis, I think the boycott of schools cannot be the solution. The times require peace and I do not think that wasting another year without education for many is the best way forward. The absence of education to some of our children in  2016/2017 led to several frustrations and deviant behaviours that are not useful for the society. The government is responding to concerns raised by protesting Anglophones and I think that genuine dialogue is still the best way forward and not arson or schools boycott.
What was on the agenda of the session that brought the National President of the Youth Council to Ndop on August 19, 2017.
The President of the National Youth Council was part of an extra ordinary meeting of Regional and Divisional Presidents of the  North West on August 19, 2017 during which the resumption of schools featured prominently with deliberations on the goodness of education for the youths of the North West,  South West and Cameroon as a whole. In summary, we produced some resolutions which recommend collective efforts to encourage the resumption of schools. Among them, we appealed to government to empower youths to be more vocal in disseminating on various communication networks like community radios and social media on government actions in solutions towards concerns raised during the Anglophone crisis. We also recommended that the government should empower the Youth Council to select , empower and facilitate the work of  about 680 back to school youth volunteer ambassadors in all the sub Divisions of the North West and South West regions. We also inspired school stakeholders to initiate strong signals towards schools resumption and appealed to the government to release the innocent persons arrested during the ongoing crises.
What message emerged for the youths after the Ndop session?
We encouraged the youths to be focused, vigilant and not destroy their own property in times like this. The way forward is meaningful dialogue and the burning of schools and other property cannot be a solution as we plead with youths to dissociate from actions that do not honour them. This is in the conviction that there are problems staring Anglohones on the face and the government has recognized the problems and is responding. Education will forever, remain a vital instrument for civilization and development.



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