Cameroon-Israel: Increased Trade Tops Future Relations

The two countries have good relations that span through several sectors.

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Cameroon and Israel are friendly countries that diversely face the problem of terrorist attacks and are committed to eradicate the terrorism cankerworm.

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Curbing the spread of terrorist attacks necessitates a wide gamut of methods and Israel through the testimony of its Ambassador in Cameroon, Ran Gidor, has managed to develop some advanced and ground-breaking anti-terrorism methodology and doctrine. Taking up arms against terrorist groups is a key facet of the war but Israel has experience which demonstrates that economic prosperity and improved living conditions are effective long-term guarantees against security challenges.

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Cooperation ties between Cameroon and Israel continue to grow from strength to strength. A concrete demonstration is the emergency aid the Israeli government provided to Cameroon in July 2016 on the occasion of the outbreak of the avian influenza that spread throughout the country paralyzing the poultry industry. Ambassador Ran Gidor who was just a few months in the country played a frontline role in the organization, shipment and handing over of 200 protective suits to Cameroon government officials.

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Judging from the declaration of Ran Gidor, cooperation ties between Cameroon and Israel will further be diversified. In the interview that follows, he disclosed that priority will be on boosting bilateral trade. Cooperation activities would also be expanded to fresh domains such as water exploration, purification and management, solar energy, public health care and high-tech start-ups.

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