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Decentralisation: Mayors Prepared For Road Management

Officials of the Ministry of Public Works held working sessions with them nationwide last week in view of a smooth implementation.

The Ministry of Public Works has trained Mayors nationwide on management of road networks. The training took place in the guise of working sessions held in all regional headquarters last week.

The sessions also enabled Mayors to understand the new nomenclature of roads as outlined in a Presidential decree of April 21, 2017.

They also shared information related to a Prime Ministerial decree making local councils Project Owners for communal roads.

The Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Mfoundi Division, Jean Claude Tsila, chaired one of such meetings on Friday December 1. It brought together all the seven Mayors of the division which makes up the capital city of Yaounde.

The SDO and Mayors supported a proposal Mayor Augustin Tamba of Yaounde VII made. The Mayor suggested preferential treatment should be granted to Mfoundi Division on the basis that it is the Capital of Cameroon.

They were unanimous that the Ministry of Public Works’ allocation of funds for road projects nationwide should take that fact into consideration.

The Chief of the programming unit at the Ministry of Public Works, Michel Innocent Mbem Ngombe for his part, provided answers to several queries of the Mayors.

He explained that going by the Prime Ministerial decree of August 2012 on the transfer of competences in the field of Roadside Vegetation Management, councils would be Project Owners of all council road networks as well as roadside vegetation management operations on national and regional roads.

He noted that in major cities, the councils would have to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the Public Works Ministry in some cases.

Mbem Ngombe suggested Mayors should always send copies of proposals directly to his Ministry when sending proposals to the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development in order to avert delays in the treatment of their files.




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