Limbe Deep Seaport: Ngeme, Not Isonge, Will Host Site

The decision is contained in the press release at the end of the 48th Board Meeting of the National Ports Authority, NPA.


The government of Cameroon has resolved to return to the initial option of constructing the Limbe Deep Seaport in Ngeme and not in Isonge as it was announced in 2013. NPA Board Members after examining several suggestions as stated in the communiqué went back to their initial decision of building the port in Ngeme, a seashore locality in the Limbe II Sub-division of Fako Division, South West Region. The area extends towards Nigeria.

The site was relocated to Isonge in 2013 on accounts that the first choice was narrow and that compensation payments were going to take a toll on government. The project contract was signed in 2013 with the African Development Bank, a Korean bank and the Turkish Eximbank to bankroll the 602 million USD project whose feasibility studies were carried out in 2008. Korean experts under the Limbe Port and Industrial Development Company, LIPID, had committed to executed the project through the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed in November 2013. According to experts, the project will create about 20,000 indirect and direct jobs. It will attract tourists and stir development by providing social amenities in the area.

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