ACEFA Offers 308.6 Million To Support Farmers

Bafoussam (Mifi)- The Programme for the Improvement of Competitiveness of family Agro pastoral farms, known by its French acronym as ACEFA has offered financial assistance worth the sum of 308.636.485FCFA to some 59 common initiative groups (CIGs) based in the Upper Nkam, Nde and Bamboutos divisions of the West region.

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Cheques containing different amounts, relevant to the volume of each project, were handed to the leaders of the 59 CIGs,on,December,11,2017,in Bafoussam by the national coordinator of ACEFA, Dr. Bouba Moumini, in a ceremony jointly presided over by the representatives of regional delegate of MINADER and MINEPIA, Koumtouzoue Maurice, and Motsebo Donald respectively.

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Handing over the cheques, to the leaders of the CIGs,after the signing of conventions with the presidents of the CIGs, Dr.Bouba said Government of Cameroon and her financial donors (French debt relief and development contract)better known as C2D,adopted a commitment designed to eradicate poverty, achieve economic growth and promote sustainable development among livestock and agriculture- farmers.

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He said ACEFA since its inception, carefully outlined a wide range of policies, aimed at mobilizing the necessary finances to help reduce poverty at local areas.

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Presiding, representative of delegate of MINADER for the West region,Koumtouzoue, said such Government financial subsidies is aimed to undercut farmers high cost of production and promote economic growth and improve living standards of households.

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He said he was optimistic that the over 308 million FCFA offered to the 59 CIGs will help meet, or contribute towards the noble goal of poverty reduction in rural areas. He called on the beneficiaries to endeavor to realized the commitment contain in the conventions or will face legal actions for embezzlement of public funds.

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