“Literature Will Not Disappear In Future”

Prof Angele Kingue, University of Bucknell, USA.

We would like to know from the horse’s mouth, who Prof Angèle Kingué the author is?

. I was born and brought up in Cameroon. I went to school in Cameroon and obtained a BA in French and English Language and Literature, from the University of Yaoundé. I also had a ‘Maitrise’ then moved to Britain where I studied for two years. I graduated with an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of North Wales. I moved on from Britain to the US after trying in vain to teach back home. While I was there I got a PhD in French-Foreign Language Pedagogy and Second Language Acquisition, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pa, USA. I am a Professor of French & Francophone Studies at Bucknell University, USA and run the Bucknell en France program in Paris. Writing has always been part of my life. As a child, I wrote every time something upset me. When I started teaching in Pennsylvania State University where we used French manuals, I realized the chapters on Africa did not really paint the right picture of the continent. So I started writing my own texts and replacing what was in the books. I wrote mostly funny interesting excerpts about Cameroon.

What are the highpoints in your writing experience?

There have been Master’s thesis on “So That Your Soul Will Whisper Again”; One in the University of Buea and another in the University of New Mexico. It is astonishing to me I have written only two novels and both of them have been studied. Someone also did a Master’s thesis on “Echos d’Enfance” in Arizona University. I have had a lot of feedback that gives me satisfaction. One writes to be read, so when you are read, you know you have achieved your goal. It is my paradise. Immersing myself in an imaginary world when writing, gives me satisfaction, the positive feedback is a bonus.

Are you fulfilled or still ambitious?

My ambition or expectations besides my career as a University teacher, is to reach a wider audience with my writings. That is why I am getting my novels translated from French into English. I want to reach people all over the globe especially Africathe English speaking Cameroonians, Nigeria and elsewhere. For youth or anyone who wants to write, I will tell them to read about everything, other people’s cultures, languages, villages and everything there is to read about. To get the rhythm of sentences you have to have read from others. They should not be discouraged by the fact that a lot has already been written. I will also encourage them to ignore claims that literature would disappear in future. Rather, machines and robots will replace many things, but they do not have a sense of imagination. Interviewed



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