Shrill: Quest For Easy Money

The film is about the trendy issues amongst young girls in pursuit of men and easy money.

Officially premiered on January 5, 2018 in Buea in the South West Region, the film Shrill is about four girls; Lantine, Laurine, Linie and Cathy who walk through the journey of life with different agendas while forgetting that success is not determined by the number of hearts one breaks, the enemies one makes, reputations ruined and the number of marriages wrecked.

Solely produced by Solantine Egbe, a Cameroon-based film producer, Shrill is a film shot in Buea and Tiko in the South West Region with Cameroonian actors and actresses displaying their tactics on how to survive with life challenges.

The movie unfolds as Laurine is the character that lives a life of lies, having affairs with married men while disrespecting their wives. But she was one day attacked by one of the women who happened to be a witch. Lantine on the other hand is God-fearing and believes in her hustling life style but can be very tricky at times. Linie has a problem with everyone’s success but she got herself into the grave she dug for her friend.

Cathy is just carried away by everything in life and her friends but she is poorly treated by an internet lover. The story also reveals a man who always spends money on girls and can have three women at a time. According to Solantine Egbe, the movie greatly focuses on life trends like the pursuit of men and easy money, fake friends, internet dating amongst others.

The producer of the movie says she decided to come up with such a movie in a bid to pass across the message of love all but trust none and that in everything people should be prayerful. Particularly to girls, Solantine Egbe says “do not be rude to a married woman whose husband happens to have fallen in love with you.” It is a movie most young girls must watch.



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