Beijing-Yaounde To Open Another Chapter

 Normal city life is being punctuated with preparations to receive Cameroon's Presidential couple.

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The hustle and bustle characteristic of Beijing, capital of the People's Republic of China and that of all of the oriental cultures remain afloat but fast containing growing iota of anxiety to receive President Paul Biya and wife, Chantal Biya. Beijing, the Headquarters of the country that hosts an estimated 1,700 Cameroonian students, one of the highest among African countries, is bracing up to receive the first President to visit their country a few days after they renewed their confidence on Xi Jinping, to steer China to greater prosperity.

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Elected last Saturday, March 17, for the next five years, the 64-year-old President, three days after, took the oath of allegiance to the Chinese Constitution in a solemn ceremony at the Great Hall of the People before the 3000 deputies of the National People's Congress.

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As official congratulations continue pouring in for Xi, the stage is being set for him to play host to the first President to visit him and not only congratulate him for his re-election, but also to work out ways of fostering and deepening cooperation between China and Cameroon.

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The city of Beijing well known for its intense socio-economic activities, will be seeing President Biya for the sixth time. The population of this city received him in March, 1987, when he met with Deng Xiaoping, in October 1993, September 2003, November 2006 and July 2011 when he successively met with Hu Jintao.

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During the last visit in 2011, several cooperation agreements were signed including a Memorandum of Understanding for the facilitation of Chinese group tourists’ trips to Cameroon; a preferential loan agreement of 433 million Yuan (approximately FCFA 27.651 billion) for the e-post project; an interest-free loan of 100 million Yuan (approximately FCFA 6.386 billion); an unrequited donation of 50 million Yuan (approximately FCFA 3,193 billion); and the 2011-2014 protocol on cultural cooperation.

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Expectations remain high here in Beijing on the outcome of the visit as Martin Mpana mobilises a great number of Cameroonians resident in Beijing to give the Head of State a befitting welcome. From every indication the composition of the delegation accompanying President Paul Biya, clearly tells of the will of Cameroon and China to open another page of serious socio-economic and political cooperation. Several opportunities have opened up on both parties and the two Heads of State will not fail to make good use of them.

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The Chinese who have renewed their confidence in President Xi Jinping have the strong believe, he has led the country into greater strength with the size of the economy expanding to more than 82 trillion Yuan [about 12.9 trillion U.S dollars] from 54 trillion Yuan over the past five years, growing by 7.1 per cent a year on average. This economic prowess is what the economic component of the delegation will explore and exploit.

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Nothing more can be expected of a China that  became the world’s second largest economy in 2010, the world’s leading exporter in 2011 and the world’s largest foreign exchange holder.

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