North West: PNDP launches new performance basket for best councils

Bamenda (Mezam) -The National Community Driven Development Programme, PNDP has showcased commitment to continue to enhance performance in councils in the North West region with the launching of the second PNDP “Performance basket”. It is a competition with Cfa 50 million francs to fetch for any council that emerges in best practices.

The winning council will be expected to use the money to carry out more developmental projects in its municipality. Launching the competition in the North West Region on Friday, June 8, 2018, the governor of the North West region, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique encouraged all the 34 councils in the region to put in their best to win   the cash price. He said the competition is another way to push councils towards the development of their municipality.

He said that   PNDP’s performance basket is an evaluation mechanism to enable councils achieves their goals. The governor  added that the selection criteria is aimed at inciting councils to operate at a higher level for deep social transformation and for  greater impetus to local development through  improvements in local governance and the appropriation of  participatory development. He used the opportunity to congratulate the Kumbo council, winner of first edition last year. 

Presenting the technical details of the 2nd edition of the performance basket, the Regional Coordinator of PNDP, Kanjo Bruno Daniel said before the third phase of PNDP, the programme supported councils in local development by funding micro projects through a unique and sole basket fund based on equity. In this basket he went on, all target councils benefitted based on prior defined criteria of random selection that was supported with the technical expertise of PNDP. 

He explained that in the same vein the 3rd phase of PNDP has put in place a new basket known as the performance basket with specific criteria to instill a kind of clean competition amongst the councils.

He said the cash prize awarded to the winning council at the end of the competition would be used for  the funding of micro projects without the council’s contribution as it is usually done following PNDP modus operandi.

Bench marks for the competition includes evaluation on   Budgetary and accounting management, Governance and transparency, Appropriation of PNDP approach of local Development amongst others.

Curtains dropped on the launching event with the distribution of generators to some 10 councils suffering blackouts because of electricity shortages while the 24 others will receive PNDP solar panels  in the days ahead.



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