South West: Authorities Brainstorm On Ways of Return To Peace

After exchanging notes last Thursday, officials will overhaul techniques in protecting people and property.

Following an eight-hour security meeting on  June 14, 2018, in Buea with top administrative and military personnel combing through the economic and security situation of the South West Region, Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai has declared that his territorial jurisdiction was being prepared to host up-coming national and international events. Such awaited occasions include the multiple political elections this year and the football continental rendez-vous next year.

The Governor spoke to the press after the meeting calling on the sons and daughters of the Region to lay down fire weapons, come out of the bushes and give peace a chance so that economic and socio-political activities could regain progress.

Apart from being a routine meeting to assess field governance, this year’s come-together of field actors in the South West Region drew heightened attention from the citizens owing to the current gun battles opposing regular forces and armed groups that have occupied many localities of the area since the hatch of North West and South West crisis in November 2016.

Even as the Officials sat in the Regional capital to take stock and draw strategies, circulation on the road between Kumba and Buea was being disrupted as vehicles could not cross the Muyuka hamlet due to fire exchanges.

The Buea meeting, coming after a similar one in November 2017 in Kumba (Meme Divisional capital), recorded assurances from the Military command to the Governor that the situation was under control with no inch of the territory lost. Perceptible deplorable consequences, however, include many deaths in the ranks of Forces and civilians.

Also regrettable as a result of the on-going strife is the somewhat drop in school attendance in the South West Region. The growing number of homeless citizens fleeing from battle-festered areas, a stifled economic activity, no farming which augurs a spate of famine in the coming months, generalized fear among citizens, and a state of unrest are equally spill-overs of the dissent in the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon.



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