Dubious School Proprietors

Business is a very good venture especially when one makes enormous profit. In Cameroon, these days, brisk business is being carried out by school proprietors.

Apart from solely deciding the number of teachers that are supposed to teach in their schools and their salaries, they also decide the amount parents have to pay as registration and school fees.

Some of them have abusively exercised these powers to the extent that parents are calling for government’s intervention.

A case in point is around some neighborhoods in the nation’s capital where, school proprietors are said to have multiplied by two or three registration and school fees. As if that is not enough, they have opened shops a few metres from their school campuses. Here, they do direct parents to go and buy books and uniforms only there.

Usually those selling these school materials are family members or auxiliary workers in the school business. Any parent who buys a book in this bookshop has his name written down and the list handed to the school proprietor.

At the eve of the election of the President of the Parents Teachers Association (P.T.A), the school proprietor meets with his henchmen and they earmark strategies that exclude all parents who did not buy didactic materials from their shops.

At the end, of the process, elections are declared fair and transparent. Who said school proprietors only know how to count money?



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