China Welcomes Presidential Couple Today

The Head of State and wife arrive in the Chinese capital today August 31, 2018 ahead of the China-Africa Cooperation Summit that begins on Monday.

All is set in the capital city of the People’s Republic of China to receive President Paul Biya and Wife Chantal Biya coming to attend the Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) that will hold from 3-4 September, 2018 in Beijing. The Presidential Couple and their entourage will be part of a cream of African and other world dignitaries invited to participate at the Third Summit of FOCAC. The first edition took place in Beijing in November 2006 while the second was in South Africa in December 2015.

Arriving in Beijing a few days to the start of the event, the Head of State will make good use of his stay in China by carrying out a number of activities that are expected to further consolidate the already strong ties between both countries. Alongside his Chinese counterpart, they will also fine-tune documents of the Summit given the high respect he enjoys from the Chinese leadership judging from President Biya’s last visit to China from 22-24 March this year.

The Cameroon leader was the first African Head of State to meet with President Xi Jinping in 2018. Mr Biya accompanied by his Wife, Chantal was the first foreign leader to be received by the Chinese authorities days after the closure of the annual session of the Chinese Parliament and the Chinese People’s Consultative Conference at the end of which the current leaders of China were chosen.

Such frequent contacts underline the level of solidarity and friendship being enforced between China and Cameroon. Soon after the airport protocol and a brief stop at the Presidential hotel previewed to lodge the Head of State, Mr Biya will have closed door discussions during an audience with the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

The tête-à-tête scheduled for 4 P.M. Beijing time will be followed by the signing of some protocol agreements concerning vital sectors of cooperation between Cameroon and China. Informed sources say the Chinese leader could during the meeting announce China’s support for the emergency humanitarian assistance plan decided by President Paul Biya for the populations of the North West and South West Regions affected by social tensions.

An amount of about FCFA 1.7 billion is being cited for the purpose by the Chinese and three draft agreements on the restructuring of Cameroon’s debt, judicial cooperation as well as humanitarian assistance are reportedly being envisaged to be confirmed after the meetring between both leaders today in Beijing.

After the meeting, the Head of State and his entourage will be treated to a dinner this evening and President Xi Jinping will be represented at the occasion by the President of the National Organising Committee of the Consultative Conference of the People of China, Mr. Wang Yang. The institution Mr Wang heads is equivalent to the Senate.

The Presidential couple will spend the weekend finalising documents for the start of the FOCAC on Monday 3 Septem...



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