Bakassi: Cameroon Navy Intercepts Weapon-bearing Boats

The foreign vessels were caught in Cameroon waters at the Kole oil fields South of Bakassi with 43 men aboard.

Forty-three persons, all male, caught aboard three foreign fishing boats in the Cameroonian waters South of the Bakassi peninsula are currently in custody of the Cameroon Gendarmerie.

The boats were found fishing in Cameroon waters in the Kole oil fields locality in the night of 6 breaking 7 September, 2018. The Cameroon Navy on routine control mission accosted the foreign trespassing boats.

The fact that the boats presented no fishing documents pricked the Navy personnel to intensify their search to the extent of discovering arms on board. Meanwhile, the three vessels are presently docked at the Limbe Shipyard for independent investigations by State Services including the Fisheries and the Customs.

The vigilant Cameroon Navy surprised the foreign boats one after another between the hours of 9pm and 2A.m. in the night of 6 breaking 7 September, 2018, precisely at the oil fields of Kole.

The boats were immediately led to the Limbe Shipyard dock where a preliminary search aboard found automatic weapons including “AK47”and the Naira currency. In the presence of the Doualabased Surface Fleet Commander, Colonel Kenfack Dongmo Emmanuel, and the Limbe Naval based Commander, Lt. Colonel Ngonge Sone, the assorted guns, ammunitions, and money (in Naira) found on the boats were straightaway handed to the gendarmerie in the afternoon of 7 September for further investigation and judiciary action.

The three sky-blue ships were engraved with such names as “Olokun XIII”, “Olokun VIII” and “Kulak X”. The first declarations of their captains testified that they had no fishing documents but lists of persons aboard. Of recent, Cameroon has come under the yoke of scotch-egg fishing in its waters and armed insurgence on its territory. Both incidents, however, keep the nation’s security on hyper alert to any suspicious activities.



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