Imperative National Reconciliation!

Healing wounds borne out of the election and those of socio-political upheavals in some parts of the country are indispensable to unity and territorial integrity. Imperative

There is no denying the fact that Cameroon has passed through trying moments in the last years which might not have been very destructive but which could refine the country for better living if the lessons of the tribulations are well assimilated. Never in the history of the country has there been threats to national unity and territorial integrity as has been the case in the last years. The bestial Boko Haram sect threatened Cameroon’s territorial integrity in the northern regions and separatist tendencies in the North West and South West Regions questioned the reasons and merits of living together. Even scars left by the just-ended Presidential election need to heal fast.

Normalising Life In NW, SW Regions

For over two years, Cameroonians resident in the North West and South West Regions have seen socio-economic development brought to its lowest ebb owing to upheavals. What began as Common Law Lawyers’ and English-speaking teachers’ strikes soon got off hand. President Paul Biya has thus far done quite much to calm down flaring tempters but the situation is still far from being over. Perceptibly, there is more to the problem than eyes see that would require innovative approaches to handle. There is repeated talk of the Anglophone problem. Tenable or not, it would be logical to dissect what it is and collectively seek lasting solutions. Success in normalizing life in the uneasy regions requires the efforts of all and sundry but under the leadership of he who has received the people’s mandate to among others lead them out of the troubled waters. Unity and peace are needed but difficult without justice.

Consolidating Living Together

Cameroon is a unique country in every sense of it. Although citizens live under one umbrella Cameroon and leader - Paul Biya, their cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversities are issues that have to be handled with tact. Safeguarding national unity in diversity is thus a challenge worth surmounting. Paul Biya proposes to continue guaranteeing cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity while respecting national unity. These diversities constitute immense riches that Cameroonians need to uphold so as to advance the course of unity. Cast Out The Demon of Tribalism If there is one thing that has made life miserable for some in the country, it is the feeling and acts of superiority perpetrated by others who feel more Cameroonian than others. Some openly discriminate in areas and moments where all and sundry should have had a feeling of belonging and importance. As President Paul Biya begins yet another term of office at the helm of the nation, casting out this demon of favouritism and all sorts of segregation should constitute one of his driving forces. Expectations are therefore rife since his campaign manifesto was, “Ensuring that the fundamental equilibriums of our national unity are taken into account.” For, failure here might exacerbate an already aching divider.

Reconciling Cameroonians, Beckoning Diaspora

Election has come and gone and Cameroon must remain. Nine citizens vied for the top job with each hoping to do what Napoleon Bonaparte left undone. But as was expected, only one could carry the day. As faith would have it, Paul Biya emerged winner. Although over two million of the about three million Cameroonians who effectively cast their votes did so in favour of Mr Biya, all must come to the understanding that he is the President of all Cameroonians, irrespective of political leanings. As they too must both need him to pilot the ship of the State to the “promised glory,” he knows so well that an inclusive society is needed for success. Politicking is therefore over. Now is the time to build a more unified Cameroon in all its forms of diversity. Conditions have to be made conducive for viable compatriots abroad to bring in their human and financial resources for collective good.



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