Striking Declarations In President Biya’s Inaugural Address

-“The seven year term that has just ended was not a bed of roses.”

-“Against all odds, we have thus stayed the course towards emergence.”

-"We will strive to consolidate our achievements while exploring new avenues that will enable us to make use of all opportunities offered by an ever changing world.”

-“We will stage a veritable agricultural revolution by modernizing our production tools and further processing our agricultural products.”

-“There can be no modern economy without an efficient industrial sector.” q“Industry and agriculture (roads, ports and airports) boost our economy and facilitate communication with our neighbours.”

-“I will continue to devote all my efforts to foster economic growth that create jobs particularly for youths and which can increase purchasing power, promoting the role of women in our society, and fighting against exclusion.”

-“Measures will be taken as soon as possible to broaden the power of local authorities in order to provide them with the means for greater autonomy.” q“I am deeply convinced that the overwhelming majority of our compatriots in the two regions (North West and South West) concerned aspire to a rapid return of peace within the national community.”

-“Warmongers who are jeopardizing our national unity and preaching secession should know that they will face not only the full force of law, but also the determination of our defense and security forces. I am calling on them to lay down their arms and get back on the right track”

-“I will strive to restore peace and calm in the two regions for the institutions of which I am guarantor.”

-“Turning to my young compatriots now, I would like to ask you not to lose hope.”

-“By staying united and proud of its democratic, economic and social advances our country will confidently embrace progress and modernity.”



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