CRTV Journalist ‘Given a Child’

A two-month old baby abandoned at her residence by her was anonymous mother.

A CRTV female journalist has received a surprisepackage from ‘mother Christmas’ even before thefeast of Nativity. The journalist whose name we decidedto withhold, return home from work to find ababy crying in her house and a written note placedbesides her. “I am giving my child to Mrs … a journalistwith CRTV. Please take care of my child becauseif the child is with me, she will die prematurely becauseI don’t have the means to take care of her”,said the note. She inquired from the gateman howthe woman got right inside her house and who told that the lady came with a basket of food and the child in hand as if she knew the occupants of the house and that she wanted to greet them. So he lether in only to find she didn’t waste time inside before leaving. However, he was unable to identify her.The lady reported the matter to the judicial police aswell as the social welfare office, presenting the note and child and after taking down her statement, she was asked to go back home with the child as the mother might pass round to see how the child is faring.It’s been a fortnight and no one has shown upclaiming ownership of the child. The journalist has found herself to be a nursing mother as she says the child cries a lot at night. She took the child to thehospital and it was diagnosed that the child was born prematurely and therefore needs special care to grow up strong. It is worthy to say the journalist in question had only one child who is about six years old today and has now benefited from a gift ofa second child about two months. Luckily the husband is comprehensive and supporting her in the upbringing of the child. Wonders shall never end.



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