Youth Employment:National Employment Fund Creates More Opportunities

A partnership agreement was signed between the Fund and PMUC Cameroon on December 6,2018 in Yaounde.

The National Employment Fund is widening its opportunities to provide jobs for young Cameroonians as well as facilitate the problem of human resources for enterprises in the country. It is within this backdrop that the Fund, on December 6, 2018, in Yaounde signed a partnership agreement with the “Le Pari Mutuel Urbain Camerounais (PMUC) to maximise salaried employment, particularly,among young graduates in the country. The Director General of the NEF, Camille Mouté à Bidias signed for his institution while the Administrative Assistant General Manager of PMUC,Tatyana Eldin Mabouka signed for her company.

Through the partnership, the NEF will support PMUC in vocational training,while acting as a technical interface for the recruitment of its staff. All services provided by NEF to PMUC under the agreement shall be free. Through the new citizens initiative in favour of employment,Camille Mouté à Bidias said PMUC are pleased to be able to live upto the commitments made by the Head of State through the creation of NEF some 23 years ago. While thanking PMUC for formalising a partnership which dates many years back, the General Manager of the NEF used the occasion to invite other enterprises to emulate the example of PMUC, especially as the National Employment Fund is an organ the government has put at the disposal of enterprises in Cameroon to help them better manage their human resources in quality andquantity.Through the 10 regional agencies of the National Employment Fund and its six divisional offices, the NEF covers a totality of the job market in Cameroon. As such, Camille Mouté à Bidias explained that somebody who has dropped a job application at the NEF office in Yaounde, can find his/herself working in Kribi or else where because theagency in Yaounde has located thatperson with a similar job opportunity from another agency out of Yaounde.



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