Bamenda: Sports / Physical education stake holders evaluate activities

The promotion and development of sports and physical education in all its facets was at the center of a conference that took place on December 12

The regional Annul Sector conference for stake holders in the sports and physical education sector was organized in Bamenda on December 12 2018. The conference came at a time when the present socio political stalemate has hinder so many sporting activities thereby forcing stakeholders to re- strategizes to do better come 2019.  In effect, the sector conference gave the stakeholders the opportunity to evaluate the work covered so far, achievements, setbacks and explore ways and means to improve on next year’s output. Holding under the theme “Regular and Methodic practice of Physical and sporting activities : indispensible tool for good health and optimum  output”, the stakeholders  re-examined  their activities so as to fit in different groups of soceity. According to the Regional Delegate for sports and physical Education for North West Achu Lawrence Achiri, his ministry is out to promote sports and physical education in all its facets. He reminded all that sports/ physical activities can serve as a therapy to some illnesses while adding that sports has proven to be of tremendous benefit to most youths in Cameroon. He acknowledged that the teaching and evaluation of sports and physical education following the new competence based approach at all levels in schools went on very successfully except for schools who’s pupils and students didn’t show up as a results of the crisis. He regretted that despite the fact that the plan of action put in place was meticulously followed so as to attain the achievements, the ongoing crisis was blamed for the non realization of their objectives and goals. Mr Achu Lawrence Achiri joined his voice to pray for normalcy and peace to return to the two troubled regions. While thanking hierarchy for the support throughout the year he requested them to do more for better output. The Regional Delegate for sports and Physical Education lamented that the Bamenda Municipal Stadium that was envisaged to be constructed was later on abandoned he used the opportunity to call on the powers that be to look into the matter.

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On his part, the Secretary General to the North West Governor office Lanyuy Harry assured all that the government shall leave no stone unturned in supporting sports and physical Education activities. He congratulated the stakeholders for their steadfastness despite the odds. He challenged them to respect the terms of  reference so as to achieve better results come 2019. He asked the sports and physical education stakeholders to denounce separatist fighters and to remain vigilant. He equally urged them not to respect ghost town calls and put in their best for better output.

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