Décentralisation: FCFA 15.921 Billion Granted to 186 Councils

The money was partitioned into 310 funding packages to execute development projects in the concerned Councils.

The Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance (FEICOM)  has over the years strived to fulfil is mission of supporting councils in their development projects through financial and technical assistance. The institution’s 2017 Annual Report indicated the strong commitment of FEICOM to foster local development in Cameroon.

-Funding Grants To Councils

In a presentation in the report, the General Manager of FEICOM, Philippe Camille Akoa indicated that, “through the local development sub-programme,  FEICOM granted to 186 Councils and City Councils 310 funding packages amounting to FCFA 15,921,205, 895.” The institution within the framework of the quest for additional resources to finance local development, obtained from the European Union with the support of KfW, 20 million euros (FCFA 13, 119, 140, 000) for the implementation of the Programme for the Social and Economic Development of Instability-prone Medium Cities (PRODVS). Philippe Camille Akoa  said the resources came to add to the 15 million euros (FCFA 9,839,355, 000) got from KfW FEICOM Medium Cities Decentralisation Programme (PDFVM).

The then Board Chairman of FEICOM, Minister René Emmanuel Sadi in his intervention in the report stated that, “As balance sheet, there are substantial reasons to argue that FEICOM’s achievements in 2017 have been tangible, edifying and satisfactory.” After citing the sums of money FEICOM mobilised intended for Regional and Local Authorities and that for projects, he disclosed an additional amount of FCFA 4.7 billion mobilised under the Programme dubbed “Rapid Impact Projects”. Within the framework of the programme, 105 projects were funded in the 47 Councils in the Far North Region that had been hit by multiple terrorist Boko Haram attacks. The funding was in the form of subsidies.  These were also councils that on increasing basis, were confronted with hostile environments due to climate change, massive influx of refugees and displaced persons. 

-Remuneration To Mayors

Concerning the remuneration of council executives, 1,018 of them were paid monthly in 2017 through an allocation earmarked in the State budget and made available through the intermediary of FEICOM. It was also able to finance local development projects   thanks to FCFA 149,880,468, 093 it mobilised representing 100.45 percent of the initial estimate of FCFA 149, 212, 179, 000.  Compared to the resources mobilised in 2016, the 2017 performance was up by FCFA 9,087, 329, 053. Regional and Local Authorities continues to receive the attention of FEICOM as the institution paid to them   Council  Taxes Subject to Equalisation (CTSE) amounting to FCFA 83,771, 504, 927.



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