Below is the press release from the cabinet meeting of May 2018 ¨Prime Minister, Head of Government Philemon Yang chaired at the Star Building.

“The Prime Minister, Head of Government, His Excellency Philemon Yang, this Thursday 31 May 2018 as from 9:00 a.m., chaired an important Cabinet Meeting at the main building of the prime Minister’s Office. Besides his close aides, the Meeting was attended

1. Statement by the Minister of Energy and Water Resources on implementing reforms in the water and electricity sector: stakes and prospects;

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2. Report by the Minister of Housing and Urban Development on progress of the urban sanitation programmes. 

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Following the introductory statement of the Head of Government, the Minister of Energy and Water Resources first gave a situational analysis and the progress made in the water and electricity sector before dwelling on the ongoing reforms.

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With regard to water, he revealed that Government, in keeping with the instructions of the Head of State, undertook a major structural reform which was translated by the effective taking over by Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation (CAMWATER), of the activities hitherto carried out by the “La Camerounaise Des Eaux” (CDE), under the leasing contract on the management of the public utility in charge of producing and distributing potable water in urban and semi-urban areas. 

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