Trump Takes The World By Storm

Results of opinion polls were proven wrong and  the numerous gaffes made by the Republican Party candidate during the campaign didn’t really impact on the final result.


For many people around the world the day of yesterday appeared to be one of surprises and ran as one of the longest days ever. For good reason. No one could bet even for a franc that Donald Trump was going to win the US Presidential elections. He did not only win, but won convincingly, giving Democratic Party rival what appears like a thrashing considering the build up to voting day. Many are already describing the election result as one of the greatest turnarounds in the U S recent electoral history.

Why many people still find it difficult to come to terms with the result is blamed on opinion polls which had continually fed Americans with a wrong reading of the real situation on the ground. Going by opinion polls, Hillary Clinton was the favourite and all along the campaign, Trump had never succeeded in narrowing the gap between them to less than five except in the very last days of the campaign when the announcement made by the Director of the federal Bureau of Investigation announced that new evidence was being exploited over the decried email scandal for which Clinton had been accused and for which she had apologized earlier in the campaign, caused a deep glide in her ratings.

The surprise of today began in earnest last year with the very decision to present his candidacy. Trumps popularity with politics can be said to be inversely proportional to his familiarity with the business world. In fact, no one had known him better than a prosperous real estate promoter with his Trump tower that is quite noticeable on New York’s skyline and a reality television star. In June 205, he took everybody by surprise when he emerged from his Tower to announce his bid for the presidency in the following words: “we are going to make our country great again”. His candidacy stunned diehard Republicans who had been lying in ambush for the opportunity to come for a possible nomination.

He infuriated many others with an unending litany of gaffes. “I will build a giant wall to keep Mexicans out of the land of opportunity and make Mexico pay for it.” “When Mexico sends its people here, they are bringing drugs, crime… rapists…” Later in December there was a mass shooting in San Bernardino and Trump’s reaction was to call for a  “ total and complete shutdown”  of Muslims entering the United States of America because by his reckoning,  “Muslims have a great hatred towards Americans” and even went ahead to suggest the need for racial profiling and surveillance of mosques in America.

All these could only continue to fuel a feeling of disgust reflected in the Republican Party candidate’s reputation in opinion polls, especially when with each passing day campaign issues were taken to the gutters with hate and rotten language used indiscriminately not only against Clinton, but even on close party colleagues. Yesterday’s election results understandably took a heavy toll on market trends.

Stock markets across the world fell sharply yesterday with the election results but quickly rose with a rather conciliating victory speech made by Mr Trump yesterday morning. He said he considered himself the President of all Americans and called on all, including those who voted against him to come on board to build the America of his dreams.




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