Four Bills Tabled At National Assembly

House Speaker, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril on March 19, 2019 chaired the bill-tabling plenary sitting.

Serious parliamentary work has started in the ongoing March 2019 ordinary session of the National Assembly for the 2019 legislative year with four bills tabled during a plenary sitting of the House and already forwarded to the competent Standing Committee for scrutiny. The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Relations with the Assemblies, Wakata Bolvine was present at the plenary sitting. One of the key bills is the Framework Bill Governing Social Economy in Cameroon.

Government in the explanatory statement argues that the bill aims to create a legal framework for the development of social economy entities such as cooperatives, associations, economic interest groups (EIGs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and enterprises and to poll the disparate initiatives of such wealth and job-creating entities, currently governed by abundant legislation.

Government further states that this law which constitutes the initial legal basis, lays down the conditions for obtaining the status of social economy unit, in particular primacy of the individual and the social objective over capital, the collective or social utility of the project, the search for collective interest and equitable distribution of surpluses.

Three of the bills are to authorise the President of the Republic to carry out ratifications. One of them is to authorise the President of the Republic to ratify Ordinance No. 2018/4 of 20 December 2018 to amend and supplement some provisions of Law No. 2017/21 of 20 December 2017: Finance Law of the Republic of Cameroon for the 2018 Financial year. The Ordinance, as government explains, authorises the Minister of Finance to sign all documents to transfer by mutual agreement to Africa50, 50 per cent of the shares held by the Republic of Cameroon in the capital of the Nachtigal Hydro Power Company.

There is also the bill to authorise the President of the Republic to ratify the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Cameroon and the Government of the Socialists Republic of Vietnam relating to visa exemption for holders of diplomatic, official or service passports. The last bills on ratifications is that to authorise the President of the Republic to ratify the African Charter on the values and principles of Decentralisation, Local Governance and Local Development.



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