Veritable Display of Culture, Togetherness

The sixth edition opened with a cultural carnival last Saturday April 6, 2019, at the Limbe Community Field.

The organiser of the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC), Motanga Andrew Monjimba has saluted the population of Limbe who disobeyed lockdown, ghost towns and threats from separatists to attend their cultural festival. He pointed out that enough is enough with some faceless and unmandated individuals dictating to them on how to run their businesses, what to do with their children’s education and their lives in general.

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Motanga was addressing thousands of Limbe inhabitants on Saturday April 6, 2019, who had turned out at the Limbe Community Field to celebrate the sixth edition of FESTAC. “Limbe FESTAC is by the people, Limbe FESTAC is for the people and Limbe FESTAC belongs to the people. Limbe FESTAC is a vivid manifestation of the peaceful coexistence of all our cultures and tribes in Limbe.

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Nobody can deprive the people of Limbe their FESTAC, not today, not in the forseeable future,” he said while adding that Limbe is for peace, Limbe wants peace and Limbe shall do whatever it takes for peace to reign in its town. South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai sitting in for the Minister of Arts and Culture, Pierre Ismael Bidoung Kpwatt recalled how the people of Limbe live in harmony. And that FESTAC has come to strengthen the bond. Given that the people of Limbe have said no to ghost towns and lockdowns then go about their businesses unperturbed, Okalia Bilai said that Limbe deserves the respect of the entire nation.

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This year’s fête saw a colourful carnival depicting the culture of all Cameroon’s tribes resident in Limbe. The Nigeria and Benin communities equally staged an impressive show. The carnival at 3 pm at the Limbe Community Field followed a procession from Mile 2 Limbe. Added to this was a sport walk that unfolded from Down Beach (SDO Office) to Mile 2 on the same day in the morning.

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The population will compete to win a Ya ris lounge car, motorcycles, gas cookers and many mouth-watering prizes through a raffle draw whose ticket sells at FCFA 1,000. Throughout the week up to Saturday April 13, 2019 when the feast will culmi nate, different tribes will take up the dancing floor daily at 3 pm and showcase their rich cultural heritage.

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