South West: PM Dion Ngute Received With Pump

From the Mungo Bridge to Mountain Hotel the Prime Minister bathed in crowds of anxiously waiting brothers and sisters

On his first day of a peace mission tour to the South West Region, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, has addressed a mammoth crowd in Buea calling on all to invite armed groups in the bushes to return for a peace settlement. The PM spoke to a large segment of the population at Mountain Hotel yard drawing applause from the audience.

In a 15-minute chat in pidgin English, the envoy of the President of the Republic Paul Biya extended greetings from the Head of State and communicated his intention to hold a dialogue of immeasurable dimension except the issue of secession. Chief Dr. Dion Ngute employed sweet tongue and humility to draw attention to the sufferings the people of the Region have gone through for three years and said it will all be over in a few days.

On his arrival at Mungo Bridge, entrance to the South West Region, close to midday, the Prime Minister was received by a long queue of South West dignitaries led by Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai. Among the eager handshakes were traditional rulers, politicians, civil society and professional groups that came out to bid welcome to the PM. As his convoy drove to Buea, headquarters of the Region, the PM stopped at Tiko road junction, Mutengene road junction, Molyko Grammar School, Great Soppo Market and the Police Junction to greet and bath in the crowd of waiting men and women. T

he PM beamed smiles of hope and joy to meet his brothers and sisters showing confidence that he brought a message of good hope. At various stop-over Dion Ngute expressed sympathy with what the people have gone through and said words of courage and reassurance to the receptive minds. Students and personalities dished words of gree tings and best wishes. The indefatigable PM in his first day of visit in the South West Region held audiences and working sessions with the administrative corps, the local and external elite, elected officials, and security officials.

Day two of the Prime Minister’s visit will include audiences with political party leaders, traditional and religious authorities. Equally today, the PM is scheduled to travel to Limbe where he will hold audiences with Limbe Chiefs, and hand over fishing material to fishermen groups. On his return to Buea today, Dion Ngute will stop over at the University of Buea. He will also meet teachers trade unions, parent and teachers associations, business men, traders, and “buyam-sellams”.

The PM is insisting on meeting the corps and personalities individually so that more truths could be re vealed about the crisis situation on the ground in the Region. Day three of the PM’s visit is reserved for a trip to Kumba to meet the various segments of the population, all in a bid to grasp the reality of the aggravating Anglophone crisis and report same to the Head of State.



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