Sustainable Development: Social Enterprise Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

This was during the Urban-Rural-Diaspora Women’s Empowerment Forum organised by the Tabwand Support Network, Wednesday May 29, 2019.

Some 300 women entrepreneurs have been schooled on scaling up their businesses and making them more profitable. This was during the third edition of the Urban-Rural- Diaspora Women’s Empowerment Forum organised by the Tabwand Support Network. The forum to overcome challenges of economic growth was staged under the theme: “Women entrepreneurship: Overcoming barriers - ensuring sustainable outcomes.” It took place at the Yaounde City Council hall, Wednesday May 29, 2019.

In a world where a lot is stacked against the woman and the girl child, there is need to envisage support mechanisms to be put in place if women have to be successful participants in the sustainable development goals. A significant proportion of start-up businesses close due to lack of funding, bad business decisions, inadequate training, lack of market demand, and above all environmental factors. Other barriers abound such as inadequate business knowledge and skills, cultural practices, lack of selfesteem and confidence, fiscal issues, poor knowledge in technology, among others. It is against this backdrop the Tabwand Support Network is stepping in to close the gap.

According to Yenwo Yiberla Bertha, President of Tabwand Support Network the forum is to equip women entrepreneurs with the competences and behaviours that will help them to overcome challenges, experience higher growth in their businesses, create structures that will enable them meet sustainable development goals so as to promote economic development and consequently enhance their wellbeing. AMINNDEH Blaise



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