Volunteers Mobilised For Women's AFCON

The over 200 volunteers are currently orientated on how to do their work.


Some over 200 volunteers have been mobilised towards the hosting of the women AFCON. Among them are 40 stadium wardens, 24 protocol officers, 130 flag bearers and ball pickers in Yaounde and 84 in Limbe as well as 21 hostesses for Yaounde and 21 for Limbe. The volunteers have been undergoing training at the Yaounde sports complex since Tuesday November 15. They are being given general information about the qualified countries, civic behaviour and how to welcome guests.

According to the assistant director of IRIC and member of the mobilisation and volunteership commission, the various commissions of the organising committee will take turns to present their work to the volunteers. Meanwhile the Yaounde sports complex which is hosting the headquarters of the organising committee is as busy as a beehive with people raising stands and podiums in the games village. According to Fogap Jean Richard of the administration of volunteers, there will be 30 institutions comprising ministerial departments and companies will be exhibiting as well as about 50 restaurants. A giant screen has also been raised within the complex to enable public viewing of matches.

The accreditation unit is the busiest office with people turning up to seek accreditation. So far, over 800 people have been accredited already. At the VIP hall, a seminar for CRTV personnel is taking place in preparation for the event. The Yaounde II municipality has also dispatched a team of civic educators around the complex which is heavily guarded by the forces of law and order.



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