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Fight Against Armed Groups : Army Chief of Staff Encourages Troops

Major General René Claude Meka was in Buea yesterday 17 July, 2019.

Cameroon’s Army Chief of Staff, Major General René Claude Meka, has launched an appeal to the population of the South West Region to intensify collaboration with the various forces to stamp out the current acts of kidnap, assault, killing and maiming of persons in the Region.
Major General René Claude Meka was speaking to the press in Buea yesterday (17 July, 2019) as he concluded a working visit with the local military operational units. Their session was held at the command post of the 21stMotorised Infantry Battalion in Buea. Accompanying the Army Cheif were senior military officials notably Generals Baba Souley, Mahamat Ahmed, Sally Mohamadou, and Colonel Eyenga Séverin, head of the 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade, and Colonel Eboulou Alain, Military Sector Commander for the South West Region.
The Army Chief told the press that the situation on the field was under control. “We have registered some progress on the ground with regards to the fight against terrorism in the North West and South West Regions”, Major General Meka said. He added that the situation was improving and hoped that it continues. The army chief recalled that so many things were being said about the army but that they were just there on the field to protect the territorial integrity, people and their property. “In this fight the population should help us by coming closer to us and informing us of the whereabouts of the terrorists”, the Army Chief of Staff remarked.
Meanwhile, the General was visiting Buea two days after the agglomeration of Muea in Buea lived another moment of fright last Monday. A corpse was found in the streets of Muea that Monday decapitated with a red cap placed on the cut-off head suggesting it could have been the head of a Gendarme Officer. The population emptied the locality for fear of gun-fire confrontations. Neighbouring areas of Bomaka, Wonya-mavio, Bolifamba and Molyko saw displaced persons increase their numbers in their zones as all of that caused unrest in the locality.



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