Breaking New Grounds : SOPECAM Rolls Out Cameroon Insider

The maiden edition of the bi-weekly newspaper in pure Anglo-Saxon style was unveiled to the public by the Minister of Communication yesterday in Yaounde.

Welcome Cameroon Insider! The long-awaited newspaper in pure Anglo-Saxon Style saw the light of day yesterday, July 25, 2019 in the presence of hundreds of dignitaries. Issue Number 001 of the newspaper was launched by the Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi at the Yaounde Conference Centre in the presence of several government ministers, members of parliament, members of the diplomatic corps and director generals, amongst others. 

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While introducing Cameroon Insider to the public, Rene Emmanuel Sadi said the paper comes to implement government policy in the area of social communication. He said Cameroon Insider has been born in a highly competitive media environment where at least 500 newspapers, 200 radio stations and 30 television channels operate. However, the Minister of Communication underlined that the newspaper is a response to a pressing demand by English readers for the need of a paper written entirely in the English Language. “That need has been met in the best possible way through the manner in which information is handled and how the national territory is covered,” Rene Emmanuel Sadi noted. He further called on the editorial team of Cameroon Insider never to lose sight of its public obligation that goes with it and to all the other publications of the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation (SOPECAM). The Minister of Communication used the event to urge all media practitioners never to compromise professional code of ethics, so that the press can contribute in its own way to peace building, multiculturalism and harmonious coexistence among all Cameroonians.  

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Earlier on, the General Manager of SOPECAM, Marie-Claire Nnana welcomed her guests onboard the arrival of Cameroon Insider. It is the last born of SOPECAM, Marie-Claire Nnana explained. But publishing a newspaper entirely in English is not new to SOPECAM. The General Manager said the corporation was on a hold for some time. But not entirely, as the daily Cameroon Tribune shared its space between French and English. However, “we have come to realize that English-speaking readers deserve a publication apart. And the company has put in all it takes to ensure that Cameroon Insider is the best in quality, both in content and presentation.  SOPECAM, the General Manager said is on a permanent challenge of enriching its information supply by marketing specialized publications in tune with the times. Such publications, Marie-Claire Nnana accentuated, alongside the flagship product, the bilingual national daily Cameroon Tribune meet specific needs expressed by the increasingly demanding readers. Cameroon Insider therefore adds to an already rich family including the second tabloid, Cameroon Business Today; an economic weekly newspaper, as well as the Nyanga and Week-End Sports et Loisirs magazines. Cameroon Insider, SOPECAM top manager revealed is the collective efforts of many, with the State at the forefront.

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The newspaper can be gotten through a professional mobile application on Google play. This will enable readers to be connected to news at all times. At the launching ceremony, a symbolic purchase of two copies of the newspaper was done at FCFA 50,000 and 100,000 respectively. A copy of the newspaper sells at FCFA 400.

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