Cameroon – Tchad : MPs Share Good Practices

Members of the Committee on Finance, Budget and Public Accounts in Chad are on a three-day working visit to Cameroon.

A six-member delegation of the Committee on Finance, Budget and Public Accounts  from  the National Assembly of Chad on August 13, 2019 in the National Assembly in Yaounde shared experiences with their counterparts of the Committee on Finance and Budget  of Cameroon on the functioning of the committees in both countries, implementation of the six directives from the Central African Economic and  Monetary Community (CEMAC)  and above all, on  how to improve on public finance management in their respective countries.
Hon. Joshua Osih, Vice President of the Committee on Finance and Budget of the National Assembly of Cameroon led the country’s MPs. The President of the Committee on Finance, Budget and Public Accounts of Chad, Hon. Adeli Edji Tarsoui led the delegation of MPs from his country. The hallmark of the visit was the information sharing working session at the National Assembly.
Speaking during the occasion, Hon. Joshua Osih said as he explained the raison d’être of the information sharing mission that it was important to learn from other experiences. He said it has been a tradition in parliaments the world over to go and search for best practices in other places. “We learned a lot from our Chadian counterparts and I hope they learned a little bid from us as well,” he told the press. Hon. Joshua Osih specified that, “we are organising the sub-region and CEMAC has six directives in matters of public finance and all the member countries are supposed to transpose those directives into their legislative instruments.” For this reason, he said, it was important for the Cameroonian MPs to know how that is being done in Chad and vice versa and to use the experiences to make things work better. He said the National Assemblies of the two countries have the same backbone in their legislative dispositions and stated that it was important for them to work at the same level. “The way we handle our public finances has to converge at a certain point and it is important for us to exchange”, he said.
Hon. Adeli Edji Tarsoui of Chad explained the visit by the fact that African countries at sub-regional and continental levels are committed to total economic integration, stating that the integration can only start at the parliamentary level. He said that during the working session, they shared on the functioning of the two Finance Committees, discussed areas concerning the oversight of the budgets of their States, public policies and how to help the States pursue the good governance of public finances. 



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