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School Resumption Fever Grips Douala

School items could be seen on every street corner.

Holiday activities are winding down, the days are getting shorter, and school accessories have filled the streets of Douala. For some children, this is an anxiety time. A new school year is about to begin and many are looking forward to seeing friends and meeting new people and resuming extracurricular activities. For some other children this time can be provoking and stressful.
The above scenario is not one of the worries on the list of parents. Most are thinking of where to get money to pay fees and prepare for back to school. Mr Kamouleu Jean is a parent who used to drink at least three bottle of beer a day. He told this reporter that for the past one month he has reduced the quantity of beer he usually consumes. He disclosed that he no longer offer drinks to friends so as to save enough money for school resumption. 
“I have five children, two in secondary school while three are in primary school. I have paid partial fees for those in primary and before this week runs out I will do same for those in secondary school,” he recounted. Mr Kamouleu Jean said, he has a loan in a bank consequently he is unable to take another loan.  He said as the months go by he will ensure that the children go to school hitch free.
Mr Kamouleu Jean is just one out of many city dwellers who have curbed their living standards in order to meet up with school resumption challenges.
According to Mr Dikongue Thomas, he had a “Njangi” which was to prepare for school resumption. He said he took the money last week and prepared his children for school. “I am just waiting for school to begin so that I finish with the little things I have to do for my children to study well,” he concluded.
On the other hand some parents are still to get into the school resumption drive. To them, it is still a myth. Kani Alphonse, a father of three is waiting for August pay out to start preparing his children for school.
Meanwhile, the streets of Douala are full with school resumption gadgets. Most shops now display school items to lure parents. Although sales are timid, Augustine Walang believes that things will get better as 2, September approach



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